radcliffcat…you are the idiot!

So we got tons of hits from a post at catspause.com. So I went over to check everything out. Oh what a big surprise someone bashing Maggard. So we get link and this guy “radcliffcat” says that this blog is someone who got banned and THEN started moaning. OK, first of all you are wrong. I argued loud and proud when I was at TBK. You know nothing, so don’t speak. I got banned because I disagreed with Marc and he doesn’t like that (boo hoo). So I get banned and one of his idiots tries to block my IP address. Well I am smarter than that and them to be honest. Well of course I still can’t hope on my profile that is PAID for and when I try to get my money back because I can’t use my PAID profile, I get a big no. So you couldn’t be farther from the truth “radcliffcat”. Someone who steals money from an online subscriber has issues. This is America right? I can say what I want, when I want. The funny thing was it was great arguments I used. I didn’t use all caps and I didn’t use exclamation points. I made great points and informed points. He didn’t like that I went against him and funny thing is I was right.

The moral of the story is, Maggard is a cheat and I am here for that reason. I didn’t get mad because he banned me, it is the money issue. The good thing is I make more in a week than that crap site makes in…well it has never made that much.


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