Marc Maggard is an idiot…idiot of the day!

From last year's event

This is getting way too easy. This from Maggard himself.

Marc Maggard (Fri, Apr 9, 2010 1:20pm):

“I got a kick out of their tweet saying Cal is going to watch Jones play at the Hoop Summit.

Coaches can’t attend that event. Clearly, KSR forgot to consult thier own recruiting guru/expert on that piece of info….lol

If you are going to steal info and pass it off as your own, you need to listen better.


One of the Maggits lets him know that Evan Daniels tweeted coaches can go…and Maggard has this:

Marc Maggard (Fri, Apr 9, 2010 2:11pm):

“Coaches CAN go…. but KSR dudes don’t know that…..which is why it’s fun to pick a nerd fight with em every now and then….lol.

But coach Cal is going to VISIT Jones, not to watch him play.


So…they did get it right the first time Maggard. Second of all, no one on that site ever said he was going to the game, they just said Cal was going to visit him at the Nike Summit. Which also could mean he is going to visit Jones while Jones is at the event. No mention that Cal was actually going to the game…idiot. Then you shout the high seas that COACHES CAN NOT ATTEND THE GAME. Wow, what an…idiot. I found that funny because I was sitting near THREE OF THEM AT THE EVENT!!!!! So again why would anyone want to steal your info? And where is your proof? I see this same stuff on every other site. Why not attack them? Because this is personal…well so is this. Good luck…idiot.


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