Marc Maggard is an idiot…idiot of the day!

I just don’t understand these people. Claiming all the time that people are stealing from Marc Maggard. Again I remind you, I don’t care about KSR, Rivals, Scouts, or you. This is about an idiot (Maggard) who claims to be a man in the know. Well he is the liar, not me. I will never win a fight with a Maggit, which is fine with me. You will find out. Let’s just say Maggard has his sources. Yet, no one seems to care for him. This includes the fine people of the University of Kentucky. There is no proof of anything he has done. Oh, my bad, he has a check. I have a check from six different universities from the past 8 months! So I’m a scout now. He is full of crap, a man after your money, because he has the same information that every other pay site has and free ones for that matter, just less of it. But I guess everyone is stealing from Maggard.


2 Responses to Marc Maggard is an idiot…idiot of the day!

  1. mm says:

    You are a joke. The fact that Maggard has you in such a tizzy that you start a blog just to complain is hilarious. For someone who is meaningless, you sure do spend a ton of time talking about maggard. He must have nailed your wife.

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