I’m back!

For now at least.

Haven’t posted in awhile and frankly Maggheads are all hush hush because Matt Jone and KSR have had some great pub. A new relationship with Cal as Matt Jones is now writing for coach’s web-site. A one-two punch of comedy in Drew Franklin and Tucker Max give that site something no other UK site has. The relationship Jones has established with the players of the football and basketball teams kill anything Maggard thinks he has had. The numbers are laughable even though Maggard wants you to believe otherwise. More tomorrow on the UT game!!!


3 Responses to I’m back!

  1. Hey, um, genius… you DO know your butt-buddy Matt Jones was CANNED from CoachCal.com, don’t you? Cal didn’t hire the flop top. His webmaster did. Once Cal got wind of it he made it very clear he didn’t want an egotistical douchebags involved in his site in any way.

    Do your homework next time. It sounds like you and Matt haven’t seen each other in awhile. Who have you been dating in the interim?

  2. UK Fan Blog says:

    Then why did he just post something there? Genius.

  3. UK Fan Blog says:

    This is your typical person from the Maggard site. And the reason I’m right. I do my homework my friend. You don’t know me and actually I don’t know Matt Jones. I’m not doing this for Matt Jones, I’m doing this because Maggard is an idiot and everyone should know.

    He rips people off for a lot of money. If you think different that’s fine. But, you are also ignorant.

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