It’s Over

October 14, 2009

Billy Gillispie has now settled outside of court with the University of Kentucky…Thank you! I am so glad that this is over and I am ready to move on. In the long run I think this helps Gillispie, because now his craziness will not come out to the national media as much as it would if this went to trial. I do believe his DUI in Anderson Co. did however hurt him in the settlement because it had been rumored $4 million was the original offer. So, here is to BCG cleaning it up and coming out a better man…away from us please.



Shane Boyd and history

October 12, 2009

Shane Boyd is one of my all-time favorite players to wear the blue and white. This past week he was put in the record books. Boyd scored the first touchdown in UFL history….and here it is.

Busy Day

October 12, 2009

Today after a report on Mike Hartline being out for the season, Papa Brooks talks about the QB situation.

  • Brooks said that Fidler and Newton, who’s redshirt has been lifted, will compete in practice for the starting spot for the upcoming game against Auburn. This, I believe, could be bad for Hartline in the long run. If Newton does get this starting spot and plays well, this could the beginning of a new era for UK football. Everyone knows that Newton is the future of this program and if he can show he has the SEC skills he may not give up this spot for awhile.
  • Brooks also comes out to say that Hartline is out at least two to four games. Now everything is riding on the results of the MRI tomorrow. So we will wait and see.
  • One thing we know for sure is that we will not see Cobb at starting QB. Brooks said that we will see a lot more of the wildcat formation. He also said that Cobb is a better wide out than QB, which I agree with.

This is all getting interesting. Hartline played well until he was injured. So if Newton can come out and show us what he has, UK could have an explosive offense, which will be needed with a thin secondary.


UK Athletics

Vaught bringing it today…..1 …..2

NEWS: Hartline out for the year

October 11, 2009

Sources tell WHAS11 in Louisville that UK QB Mike Hartline is out for the year after leaving Saturday’s lose to South Carolina. He will be replaced by Fidler and Cobb. I don’t know what is going on with the Newton situation, but you have to think you will see him in one of the games after the road game against Auburn. I also hope there is not a single UK fan celebrating this injury, because if Hartline doesn’t leave that game, we win. He was punching every critic in the mouth yesterday, including this one. Get better Hartline.

Another Coach Cal tweet for KSR and a great P Pat story

October 9, 2009


Today we had a double dip for this site in the form of another Coach Cal tweet to end Marc Maggard. Though Coach Cal’s tweets linking KSR are not to take down Marc Maggard, it is however killing the people over at TBK. This is great because Maggard and his Maggheads have always tried to say that the UK athletic department dislikes Jones and his site. Well Coach Cal disagrees and so do his players and their parents. It makes me happy because Maggard again is proven wrong. Keep it coming Cal.

Also the story linked was a great story by one of the writers on KSR. This also just proves something again, that Patrick Patterson is a UK great for every aspect of what he does for this university. He is a man amongst boys and this just adds to it. This is also another reason KSR is just better than TBK. Well everything is better than TBK….

LeBron camps at UK

October 9, 2009

LeBron James is expected to be holding camps at some point in the next couple of years at UK. Larry Vaught has the information.

Marc Maggard is an idiot…idiot of the day!

October 8, 2009
You can't handle the truth!

You can't handle the truth!

So today was just a regular day. Eat…Work…Eat…Fart…Eat…get a tweet from CoachCal…Motivated…Eat…get another tweet, OH MY GOSH the greatest thing I have seen since Maggard telling everyone he owns many things, that include four daycare’s that he bought for his sister (internal laughter). What was it you ask?, CoachCal tweet, CoachCal tweet

Now why did this make my day? Because here is the tweet along with the picture. – I heard these two guys run the two biggest websites in Kentucky. Is that true?

about 7 hours ago from TwitPic

The man on the left is the guy responsible for running Cal’s website. And the other guy in non other than KSR mastermind Matt Jones…Maggard’s man crush. This has set the Maggheads into a frenzy. Which I love. (here is a recap of the event Jones was attending…and Maggard wasn’t)

Now what is funny Maggard is saying he NEVER mentions KSR unless it is to defend something about him. This my friends we call a lie.

Maggard claims that KSR steals his information. The only proof he has is that something he says may pop up a little later on KSR. Yet, this same information may show up on another site before or after TBK. Yet, he only attacks Matt Jones? OK, makes since…not.

A Magghead is attacking Jones on CoachCal’s Twitter by saying Jones talk awful about Cal when he was at Memphis. Well, you are correct. And like Matt Jones has said many times, when he became the UK coach things changes. Matt Jones is a fan and will always be a fan. This means he will talk bad about another school’s coach but if he is UK’s, things change. As he will be critical of a player or coach if he thinks it is needed. But, TBK doesn’t like this. Only they can be “critical” (i.e. Cousins is acting like a punk bitch — Marc Maggard).

This just proves how much players, the new coaching staff, players parents (i.e. the Pattersons), and others at UK like Matt Jones. Which is funny because Maggard would like you to think different. Let just the relationships Matt Jones has created with these players and their parents speak for themselves. Demarcus Cousins wanted one site to pick his nickname and it wasn’t “Punk Bitch”.  BTI says Paul Warford sucks and some clown from TBK attacks him. Well guess what he was right. He was being “critical”.

From the mouth of a former TBK insider, Maggard instructed everyone not to tell about what was going on with the way Billy Gillispie was treating the players. This being the most interesting. Just like most past subscribers, like myself, and past insiders, many stories come out to why they stopped going to the site or moved on as an insider. Well this one is the best. Maggard tries to get people to believe his best insider wasn’t an assistant coach of the Gillispie staff. But, this, and many accounts from outside the TBK camp say otherwise. For someone who is about the team, he sure is walking a tight rope. Now I do know for a fact that players on this UK team know the things Maggard has done or said and I’m not sure that is too good for the business.

*insert typical TBK smoke screen here*

Now, if I forgot something I will continue later. For now though enjoy another victory over the idiot. And go ahead and go to TBK and read the five same posters complain some more…it’s worth the entertainment value (the best because they don’t realize that’s the reaction everyone wants out of them…but we will keep that our little secret). A little look at the numbers please….