Cats go down; Tebow too.

September 27, 2009

APTOPIX Florida Kentucky Football

So that was bad. That hurt probably worse than last year. Like one commentator said, those penalties had nothing to do with Florida’s talent. Yes, in the end the Florida talent wins. But, the Cats did nothing to help their cause. They were just lost on offense for most of the game.

The biggest news coming out of this game is the hit heard around the south. I am taking the position of I hope everything is OK with Tebow. I wish no harm on a player and hope that he is back in two weeks after the Gators bye. The UK fans on Facebook and message boards praising the hit that took down Tebow are over the line. It was a great hit and it is football and these things happen. But being happy a player was sent to the hospital is crazy! So I wish him well.


Rain, rain, please give us a win.

September 26, 2009


So as the rain comes down on Lexington one can’t help but think of what this could do for the football Cats in todays tilt with #1 Florida. My thought is hopefully it will close the gap in speed, which I find to be the largest gap still for the Cats.

Though for this year there seems to be something different. That difference would be Randall Cobb and Chris Matthews. If these two can keep their feet under them on this sloppy day, we could see what I think will be one of the best one-two punches in school and SEC history. Look for these two to have a big game if the Cats want to win this one.


Derrick Rose speaks

September 25, 2009


Derrick Rose speaks about taking the ACT before going to Memphis at the Bulls’ media day.


Further argument on UK vs. UofL football

September 25, 2009


The first paragraph is the best argument and why most UK and most other fans of school’s think UofL’s football program started in the 2000 region of time. Pretty funny…

Kentucky Ink

In case you didn’t know…

September 24, 2009

Stacey Poole is a Cat.

Stacey Poole Day

September 24, 2009


Today at 5:30 Poole will be making his desicion on ESPNU. We have many links for you about this. Enjoy:

Not an All-American, but great fit for UK. Vaught

Mom wants him close to home. Chris Rodgers

Was the decision already leaked? MaryJo Perino

Stacey Poole of Doron Lamb? Dustin Rumbaugh

Poole expected to pick UK. Jeff Elliott

I hate Lane Kiffin

September 22, 2009


My hate for the University of Florida runs very deep. But, if this was ever possible, between Bruce Pearl and now Lane Kiffin I would have to say Tennessee has surpassed the fighting Gators. Maybe it’s because the fall of Florida basketball has been great to watch and in all reality it is extremely hard for me to hate Time Tebow and Urban Meyer. But Pearl and Liffin on the other hand are two of the most arrogant coaches, who have never done anything, in coaching (i.e. see Kragthorpe after this “moral victory” this weekend).

Now it was not a secret that UF had many players on their team sick with the flu and for the most part everyone knew this coming in to Saturday’s game. Also everyone expected Florida to run all over UT. I was one of the people who thought Florida did not look like Florida during that game. And as a UK fan, I hope the UF players don’t get any more sick but, I also hope they need to stay in the bed for Saturday. Well Meyer said they were conservative because it looked like UT didn’t want to win that game and they had many players sick. And I LOVED IT! I knew this was getting under Lane Kiffin and I knew he was going to say something, talk trash if you will, to the team that has won two of the last three NCAA championships and just beat UT on Saturday. I can’t wait till next year, this has become a great rivalry.

Here is Lane Kiffin’s statement at practice yesterday. ESPN Chris Low.