May 22, 2010

That was great. He was wrong on purpose. Please, quit. Just quit. I am so sick of this crap. You stole my money and that is fine because you need it more than me. But there are people who actually think you are giving good information and paying for it. Good people. Yet, you continue to screw them. Your “insider” content is crap. Once a week maybe something good comes up, but other sites have the same information. So just give up. Please.

If you don’t know who this is about…you should quit too.


Marc Maggard is an….yeah you get it.

May 14, 2010

Don’t have a lot of time, but this comes up yesterday and now Maggard is backtracking quick. This link was emailed to me yesterday by someone. A KSR reader finds this, enjoy. This couldn’t be any better.

radcliffcat…you are the idiot!

May 5, 2010

So we got tons of hits from a post at catspause.com. So I went over to check everything out. Oh what a big surprise someone bashing Maggard. So we get link and this guy “radcliffcat” says that this blog is someone who got banned and THEN started moaning. OK, first of all you are wrong. I argued loud and proud when I was at TBK. You know nothing, so don’t speak. I got banned because I disagreed with Marc and he doesn’t like that (boo hoo). So I get banned and one of his idiots tries to block my IP address. Well I am smarter than that and them to be honest. Well of course I still can’t hope on my profile that is PAID for and when I try to get my money back because I can’t use my PAID profile, I get a big no. So you couldn’t be farther from the truth “radcliffcat”. Someone who steals money from an online subscriber has issues. This is America right? I can say what I want, when I want. The funny thing was it was great arguments I used. I didn’t use all caps and I didn’t use exclamation points. I made great points and informed points. He didn’t like that I went against him and funny thing is I was right.

The moral of the story is, Maggard is a cheat and I am here for that reason. I didn’t get mad because he banned me, it is the money issue. The good thing is I make more in a week than that crap site makes in…well it has never made that much.

Great forum going on

April 19, 2010

I’ve never rooted for a UT fan before in my life…but please, give him hell.


Marc Maggard is beyond an idiot…now it’s just funny.

April 14, 2010

I have been doing a disservice to idiots everywhere by naming Maggard an idiot. Maggard makes a post about a statement that another blogger (guess who?) posted, on another site. The same blogger Maggard begged to stop the attacks (like a little bitch). This was his post:

Posted by Matt Jones…..

He is an explosive athlete, can shoot, has great court vision and is able to score at will. There are the occasional questions about effort, but they are rare and no one has ever said he is anything but a great kid.

(Maggard’s response)

Michael Gilcrhist is FAMOUS for his incredibly consistent EFFORT. He works so hard on both ends of the court EVERY PLAY. I’ve never heard anyone who has ever seen him play come anywhere CLOSE to questioning his work ethic or effort.

It’s like saying Michael Jordan sometimes lacks confidence.

Just bad.


OK, so he takes a small part of what Jones said and makes it the whole point of his post. Here is the full post:

Simply put, he is the John Wall-type talent of the future. He plays a different position (more on the wing) and their games are actually a bit different. But when it comes to a special talent that has a chance to come into the college game and completely take it over in one year, Gilchrist is the guy. Scouts have told me that that Gilchrist was the best player in America this year as a Junior and that he is only getting better. He is an explosive athlete, can shoot, has great court vision and is able to score at will. There are the occasional questions about effort, but they are rare and no one has ever said he is anything but a great kid. If he commits, he will become one of the best wings to ever decide to play at Kentucky and will immediately make the 2011 class the likely overall #1. Simply put, like Wall, he is a star.

He has a SMALL line on a RARE occurrence that you MAY question his effort. Yet, many lines PRAISING the kid. Here is the full post.

So again, this is the man that said Demarcus Cousins was acting like a “bitch”. Mr. Maggard please shut up. Though this is a lot of fun for me, so actually continue to make an ass of yourself. Yes, I said ass. Bring it Maggits.

Marc Maggard is an idiot…idiot of the day!

April 11, 2010

From last year's event

This is getting way too easy. This from Maggard himself.

Marc Maggard (Fri, Apr 9, 2010 1:20pm):

“I got a kick out of their tweet saying Cal is going to watch Jones play at the Hoop Summit.

Coaches can’t attend that event. Clearly, KSR forgot to consult thier own recruiting guru/expert on that piece of info….lol

If you are going to steal info and pass it off as your own, you need to listen better.


One of the Maggits lets him know that Evan Daniels tweeted coaches can go…and Maggard has this:

Marc Maggard (Fri, Apr 9, 2010 2:11pm):

“Coaches CAN go…. but KSR dudes don’t know that…..which is why it’s fun to pick a nerd fight with em every now and then….lol.

But coach Cal is going to VISIT Jones, not to watch him play.


So…they did get it right the first time Maggard. Second of all, no one on that site ever said he was going to the game, they just said Cal was going to visit him at the Nike Summit. Which also could mean he is going to visit Jones while Jones is at the event. No mention that Cal was actually going to the game…idiot. Then you shout the high seas that COACHES CAN NOT ATTEND THE GAME. Wow, what an…idiot. I found that funny because I was sitting near THREE OF THEM AT THE EVENT!!!!! So again why would anyone want to steal your info? And where is your proof? I see this same stuff on every other site. Why not attack them? Because this is personal…well so is this. Good luck…idiot.

Marc Maggard is an idiot…idiot of the day!

March 27, 2010

This Maggit stuff gets old pretty quick.


Talking on your little blog about basketball doesn’t make you a scout. Going to AAU events does not make you a scout. Holding a two hundred dollar check from Oklahoma State University does not make you a scout. Word from four different major universities saying they have contact with or any know of who Maggard is, does make you a douche though.